Sun Guard

Reflects 90% of solar heat

Sun Guard shares the same high quality emulsion which is used in Mighty CF-CP. This emulsion is excellent in bonding and contains high ratios of titanium dioxide which reflects the sun rays.

Sun Guard also contains ceramic beads which are hollow microspheres, allowing little transfer of radiated and conducted heat. As a result – because heat is not transmitted to the inside of the building and ultraviolet rays are intercepted – the energy load of the air-conditioning equipment is decreased, therefore reducing the building maintenance costs and the environmental impact.

Keeps the temperature constant

Sun Guard keeps the temperature constant in the room.

Keeps the temperature constant

The lower temperatures significantly reduce the use of air conditioners.
Energy Saving and Minimize Enviromental Load.


Roofs of factories & warehouses Maritime Vessels & Containers

Oil & gas pipe lines, Petroleum tanks Outer surface of factory plant and equipment

Refrigeration plants Other structural surfaces